Mini Detail

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How it works – Purchase your Mini Detail on our website and REDEEM AT YOUR CONVENIENCE.

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  • Hand wash and dry vehicle exterior, wheels and tires with the finest automotive detergent
  • Blow dry to force water out of cracks and crevices and wipe down with microfiber towels
  • Apply Wheel Brite for excessive brake dust
  • Apply Tire Shine to dress the tires
  • Vacuum all carpet including under mats, seats and crevices
  • Wipe down the interior panels, dash and console
  • Clean all mirrors and glass surfaces, interior and exterior, to perfection
  • Remove all tar, grease, bugs and grime from entire car
  • Hand apply a coat of professional sealant to preserve and protect
  • Dress and protect all exterior trim
  • Clean all cup holders, storage space, center console and trunk
  • Fragrance available, if preferred
  • One-step, machine polish to remove minor scratches for a swirl free shine

Shampoo all carpets and upholstery and clean and condition interior leather or vinyl